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Nov – 2014

Hi, I’m Marysia Rutkowska, I’m 20 years old, and I come from Poland. I was studying International Business Management in Cracow for two years, but I took a break to travel and see the world. I read a lot, sleep a lot, and eat a lot. If I didn’t meet Kevin, I probably would be in a relationship with chocolate and cookies.About us

I looove travelling. 15-hour trips in crowded trains and sleepless nights at the airport are no problem for me. The last 1,5 year I spend mostly packing and unpacking my bag, I didn’t stay in one place for more than 2-3 weeks, I got to know many European airports and train stations.

I often get too excited about beautiful places I visit. I like to laugh and to make people laugh. I like to bake (and then eat, hehe) chocolate cakes. I like to write our blog. And I like Kevin.

Kevin van Herk is 23 years old and comes from Holland. He writes about himself in the 3rd person (Marysia: weirdo). He just finished his psychology master in Brain and Cognition. Now he is finished with school and has no other obligations, he can finally fulfil his dream by travelling around Asia. He already wanted to do this since he was 18, but thought it would be better to finish school first in case he would be travelling forever. In the meanwhile he already travelled 3 times to Indonesia and once to Nepal during school holidays.

Kevin’s hobbies are cooking, trekking, and making music and he is interested in spirituality and reading books. Kevin cooks every morning a noodle soup or nasi goreng at home. Besides Indonesian food he likes making pastas and other Italian foods and for a few years he was cooking in a Chinese restaurant in his hometown Kapelle.
He started walking big distances 2,5 year before going to Nepal. Since then he did several walks through Holland between 20 and 45 kilometre and a big trek through Nepal of almost 400 kilometre. Kevin is playing classical piano and a bit of blues. He started playing since he was 8 years old and from his 14th he also learned to play a bit guitar.
Kevin started to be interested in spirituality since he was around 17 years old. This he probably inherited from his Indonesian grandmother, who is often reading spiritual books and sharing her stories about life.

Me and Kevin met each other two years ago in Poland when Kevin came to visit a friend of me. Actually we were planning to go to Warsaw but Kevin came two weeks earlier than we expected, so he came to our apartment in Krakow. Since this weekend we were already somehow together and 6 weeks later, I visited Holland for the first time. After that many flights followed, to Poland or to Holland about twice a month.

Our first trip and longer than a week together was a bicycle trip to Croatia. Kevin found a picture in the Ryanair magazine of the Plitvice Lakes and since then we wanted to go there by bike, first as a joke but later in real. We bought two second hand bikes together for less than 50 euro and some bicycle bags from Holland for 6 euro per piece. Also we brought a tent and two backpacks and three weeks later, started from Krakow, we arrived in Plitvice.

This blog, www.usontheway.com, is the diary of our current journey, started the 28th of September with a single ticket to Jakarta. Here want to show you all the beauty of Asia and share our adventures on the way. Also we want to share with you the information we gathered on the way, the books we read on the way, and the movies we see on the way. Enjoy our blog!

If you have anything to tell or ask, don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail: info@usontheway.com


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