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So, there we were, on the road with our bikes and heavy backpacks. There was no other way, we had to start the trip!

From Zakopane we went to Slovakia. The road went through the mountains and it was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. And one of the most painful ones as well. My body wasn’t used to something extreme like that. On the first 3 days we did 50km, 80km and 100km. That was really a lot and I remember crying from pain and tiredness but on the same time it was awesome. I was breaking borders in my mind that I would never consider even getting close to. It was a huge test for me, physically and mentally. We slept in a priest’s garden, some overpriced hotel in a very questionable city and on a camping. After arriving in Bratislava I felt so great and happy. We achieved one of our goals, we arrived to a big city and had time to discover the capital of Slovakia.

It's me, trying to cross my own borders of physical effort

It’s me, trying to cross my own borders of physical effort

The next step was one long forest road connecting Bratislava and Vienna. “Pff, piece of cake” I though. Oh, how wrong I was. Yes, it was a nice road; yes, it was a beautiful day; yes, I was already an ‘experienced biker’, but oh my, I learned my lesson during this day. The weather turned out to be too beautiful and I was dying from the heat. Gorgeous forest track didn’t change for a whole day, so after a few hours I couldn’t even look at the trees and the nature around me (I mean, it was pretty and all, but come on, some variety please!). And also – I had a fourth day’s itch. The excitement was suddenly gone, and all that was left, was a heavy backpack and a looong way to go. Bleh.

But then, after all the dust, after liters of water and hectoliters of tears, WE ARRIVED. No, not yet to the center of Vienna, but to the riverside of Donau. It was also a nude beach, so without thinking we got rid of our clothes and jumped into the water. OH MY GOD, THAT WAS GOOD. It was the best bath I’ve had those days, although after 5 min Kevin had to rescue me, because I was disgusted with the mud and water plants on the bottom of the river (hihi). Still, the tears were washed away and the center of Vienna was close, so we could celebrate!

bike trip us


bike trip vienna

Sightseeing in Vienna :)

We decided to stay 2 days in Vienna, to rest and to explore the city a bit. I must say I was in love from the very first moment there. I loved the architecture, the vibe, people smiling to you on the street, beautiful parks and gardens… We slept on a camping outside the center, but it was oke – we could enjoy Vienna whenever we wanted to and have some peaceful surrounding during the night.

Straight from Vienna we hit the road towards Hungary. Our first stop was Sopron. Even though I haven’t been in Italy before, I felt like in some Italian little town. Those small streets, lights on the street, little cafes on the corners – everything had a bit of magic in it. What amazed me in Sopron and Szombathely (another Hungarian city where we stayed for the night) was the people. I’ve never met so kind and helpful strangers! In Sopron we slept in a priest’s house – after I asked for a small place in the garden to put our tent, we were taken to a three-room apartment with a bathroom and a kitchen. Later in the evening one of the priests brought us bread and some meat for supper. I cannot recall it now, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t even speak English. They welcomed us in such a warm and friendly way that my heart literally melted. I believed again that people can be good and unselfish. What happened on the next day was even more surprising and lovely.

bike trip sopron

Sopron, Hungary

We arrived to Szombathely and started looking for a place to sleep. We didn’t see any signs of a camping, so we decided to ask the priests again. We went to one of the Christian churches but unfortunately there was not so much place, even in the church’s garden. It was getting a bit late, we were tired after the trip and hopeless to find any place to rest. Suddenly, a man with a mustache came to us and with some gestures and a few English words asked us to wait a moment for something. He came back to us a few minutes later, took his phone from a pocket and started calling someone. Our faces looked a bit like this :O and this :|, we had no idea what was going on. It turned out that he was some kind of a gardener in the church and he is willing to help us! He didn’t speak English, but his daughter told us on the phone (the mystery of his behavior was solved) that we are more than welcome in their house for a snack, a shower and then they will show us a place to sleep. I felt a wave of feelings in my body that I cannot describe – this gesture was something beyond words. We were just some people from the street and a moment later we felt like family members in the warmth of their house. Only the daughter could speak English, but it wasn’t a problem. We felt the connection between us anyway. I couldn’t stop smiling that evening, it was such an amazing experience. After a hot shower, delicious home-made food and endless conversations, the mustache man took us to their ‘summer house’, brought some more food and helped us more than we could ever ask for.

It was raining but it didn’t really matter. Our batteries were full after the night before and we were just so grateful, happy and excited about the next part.

bike trip me


bike trip keffie

My biker <3

I really thought I could put the whole journey in one post but that’s just impossible. You would die from boredom, and I would get lost in the middle of writing it 😀

bike trip flowers


bike trip view 2

Loving this view`

bike trip the view

The catcher in the rye

The third and last part coming soon!

Big hugs you guys,


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