Books on the way

Traveling itself sounds very cool, but in reality it means many hours spend in the bus/train/plane/boat, many days when you don’t want to go sightseeing anymore and you just want to stay in your room, and.. And do what? My choice is: read and watch movies. Read, because since I was a kid I’m in love with books, stories, website posts – anything to read. Movies, because I like movies in general plus the cinema here (in Indonesia at least) is so cheap that it would be stupid not to go there.

I took many books for our trip, too many actually. Fortunately I already read some of them, so there is no need to carry an extra 5 kilos in my backpack.

here I want to put some reviews or just my thoughts about all the books that I read. Some of them are famous, some are just books I found on the market. Anyway, maybe you will find here something for you.

P.S. Press the book cover to see the review


            birthday-girls            Ordinary_People_cover

strach         bravenewworld            gatsby

Act like a lady           can cows walk down stairs               the world until yesterday


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