Birthday girls

Jean Stone – „Birthday Girls”, 1998

„Birthday girls” is a book I found on Rosa’s desk. Probably not something I would choose in a bookstore, but here in Indonesia I was afraid I will finish all my collection before we even leave Jakarta, so I had to help myself with cousin’s shelves.birthday-girls

Quite a nice shot. Although the cover looks like one of Danielle Steel’s books, inside it’s better. „Birthday girls” is about 3 girls, who in their childhood always celebrated birthdays together (shocking). Now they are all grown up, not friends anymore for many years, just living their lives. Abigail is a successful, rich TV Perfect Housewife, with thousands of American women watching every episode of her TV show, buying her books, and cooking with her recipes. Maddie is a fat, hippie photographer, living with her mother and two sons, still missing her ex-husband who left her 6 year before. Kris is a J.K. Rowling from America – only instead of Harry Potter she writes about super-woman, James Bond? in a skirt. One day Abigail calls her old friends to meet for a lunch. Why?

There is something nice about reading stories with secrets and mysteries in it. You feel like you are part of it, like it is very important for you to know all the answers. My mum is a fan of Detective Poirot, I enjoy books even like „Birthday girls”.

I really thought it will be a bit dull, and even if it was, I still liked it. I haven’t read anything like this for a long time now and it was quite funny to wait for another mysterious adventure to be solved. It was a bit like Dan Brown for girls. The ending was also quite nice, like always in this kind of stories. I have to admit I was even excited and curious what would happen in few pages.

„Birthday girls” is for sure not meant to be read by everyone – if you like classic literature, this is nothing for you. But if you want to make your train trip shorter – go ahead.

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