Can Cows Walk Down Stairs?

Paul Heiney – „Can Cows Walk Down Stairs?”, 2005

Do you know why penguins are black and white? Or what is time? I do. I know this and many more answers to all those weird questions that often come to your head and there seems to be no answer.

„Can Cows Walk Down Stairs?” is a book where you can find them all. It all started some years ago in London, with a special telephone line, where everyone could call and ask ANYTHING. Really, anything. On the other side of the line was a group of scientists ready to answer for all the crazy things that concerned the callers. Unfortunately, in 2003 the line was closed due to too many weird and complicated questions and people trying to make the scientists do homework for them. Fortunately, two years later Paul Heiney went through their database and wrote „Can Cows Walk Down Stairs?”, where he put all the funniest and surprising answers.

In this book you can find out if the fish sleep, if ants have blood can cows walk down stairsand bones, and what is the strongest muscle in your body. It’s divided into a few categories about the universe, the human body, animals, plants, and food. Maybe it’s not a fascinating novel or a deep spiritual guide, but still something nice and funny to read in your free time. And imagine how easy it will be when later you have kids and you can be the best mummy/daddy, who knows everything! It took me one whole day to finish it (yes, I can read very fast, but it was also very easy and interesting!) and I had fun. I don’t feel much smarter in any way, but hey, at least I know if cows can walk down stairs!

PS No, they can’t :(

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