Mary Shelley – „Frankenstein”, 1823

„Frankenstein” was another of my 10 cents purchases on the market in Holland. I’ve never read it before and I didn’t even see the movie so I thought our holiday is a good moment to catch it up.

„Frankenstein” is a story in a story. There are two main narratives who tell us the events that took place in the 18th century. The title is the surname of an eccentric scientist, Victor Frankenstein, who achieved something that seemed impossible.

Captain Walton is a writer who decided to explore the North Pole with the purpose of looking for inspiration. On his way he meets Victor – a shadow of a man, an exhausted scientist who is almost at the edge of his life. Walton takes good care of him and brings him back is health. When Dr Frankenstein feels well enough he tells his story. A terrifying story.

Victor was a young gentleman from Geneva. He went to England to dedicate his life to science and there his interest in chemistry and science experiments began. He tried to do something, that no one had ever done before. After months spending in his laboratory he created a living being.frankenstein

His experiment turned out to be fatal. The creature that he made became a living monster, a dead body with awareness. The monster becomes Victor’s nightmare. He runs away from his creator, but always stays close. A few things that happened in his grotesque life made him thirsty for revenge and blood. He is slowly destroying everything that Victor loves.

„Frankenstein” was quite hard to read for me, because of the language. I’m used to read in English, but old English words and grammar are still a challenge for me. Also the beginning of the story is not really interesting. Kevin gave up after the first 40 pages and for me they were also hard to get through. After that, when the monster story began, I was really into it!

This book is not for everyone, for sure. I read a bit of old classic English literature, so I quite enjoyed it, but it’s a bit boring to be honest. If I have the opportunity I will definitely try to read it in Polish, maybe then I will have more fun.

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