The Great Gatsby

Scott Fitzgerald – „The Great Gatsby”, 1926

After a few totally unknown books it was time for the ‘classics’. Back in Holland I was looking for some literature to take. One day, together with Kevin’s parents, I visited some kind of second-hand market. I walked around quite disappointed that the only things to read were some old Dutch books and suddenly.. I found a whole box full of English literature, all the best ones that I wanted to read! Gatsby

„The Great Gatsby” was also in it. I read this book already in Polish, but I thought it would be nice to see the original one. And it was only 10 cents, so it would be a shame of me not to take it hehe.

„The Great Gatsby” is a story about a man who had it all and yet had nothing. Jay Gatsby is a young millionaire who moved to West Egg and no one knew him nor his story. His closest neighbour is Nick Carravay, a bond salesman. Nearby lives also the cousin of Nick, beautiful Daisy, together with her husband Tom. After a while Nick becomes a close friend with Mr.Gatsby and he gets the chance to discover his past.

The plot shows many love stories, many old memories that bond people together, and also a lot of drama. Mr.Gatsby is known for his huge parties where plenty of people come and create fake friendships, just to disappear in the morning and go back to normal.

The story is kind of sad, it reveals how you can be on top and fall down easily. How you can be happy for a long time and discover that it was just a mask of you. I was glad I didn’t remember the whole story from the last time I read it, so I could see it all once again, from a bit of a different point of view.

„The Great Gatsby” is indeed great.

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