Ordinary people

Judith Guest – „Ordinary people”, 2000

„Ordinary people” is an ordinary family story. Husband and wife, two sons, good jobs, friends, and a family. All looks perfect, but this is just a cover of reality. A tragedy happens, causing the death of one boy and a depression for the other one.Ordinary_People_cover

The book was a gift from Kevin’s Oma. I thought I can take it on the journey, because probably I won’t like it so much and throw it away somewhere on the way. I didn’t change my mind during reading the first part of the story, but after reading more and more pages the story became better. The whole plot is about teenager feelings and family relations. It was quite nice to see how ‘perfect’ life can look from the inside. Conrad lost his brother and feels like he is going to lose everything else. He is only eighteen years old (only heh, I’m 20, not such a difference) – it’s time for rebellious behaviour, first love, and friends issues. His mother Beth is trying to run away from problems by pretending to be a perfect housewife. Calvin, Beth’s husband finds it very hard to go back to normal life after the boat accident in which he lost his son.

The story is written in two different styles. Between the main plot there are separate parts that are the private, inside thoughts of Conrad and also his father. The thoughts are messy, the grammar is not correct, and the words don’t make sense sometimes. I think it’s a great picture of how it looks in real in our heads – loose thoughts, pieces of words, emotions.

„Ordinary people” was the first book I read during our holiday, I started it in the plane and finished on our second day in Jakarta. I liked the deep look into characters heads, discovering their insides. First I was reading just to do something, later I was into the story. And I don’t want to throw it away anymore.

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