Przez cztery kontynenty

Zdzislaw Marzec – „Przez cztery kontynenty”, 1973

„Przez cztery kontynenty” was the second and the last Polish book I had in my backpack. Now I regret a bit that I didn’t take more, I forgot how nice it is to read in my own language (lately I was reading only books from Kevin, all in English, after 5th you can get a headache). And even nicer it is to read A GOOD Polish book!przez ctery kontynenty

It is a collection of short journalist reports from all over the world. Right now I’m totally into this genre, reportages and travelling books, so this one was perfect to me! There are only a few chapters, each contains a small story or an anecdote, all written with a little doze of humour. I loved it after the first few pages.

Now I know how it is to meet an African king or that there is a region in Greece where women are not allowed to come Ever. Stories about war in the Middle East. So many inspiring things and new places for the ‘to-go’ list! I guess all those short stories will be my new party small talk hehe. „Przez cztery kontynenty” was very interesting to read and some things surprised me a lot.

The book is quite small, not so heavy, and very easy to read. Unfortunately too easy so I finished it in 1,5 day, but I know one day I will definitely go back to it. The adventures of the author were so great! I loved every single page of this book.

„Przez cztery kontynenty” went back to Europe, safe in Eyang Ann’s bag. To be honest, I can’t wait to read it one more time!

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