The world until yesterday

Jared Diamond – „The world until yesterday”, 2012

I read many novels, too much I would even say, so when I found this book on the shelf in Sumber Sari I got very excited and I wanted to check it as fast as possible.

„The world until yesterday” by Jared Diamond is the result of his 50 years research about tribes and native cultures. He dedicated his life to discover the mysterious and faraway lands and bring the knowledge of them to the world. His main field was New Guinea, where he spend many years during the research, but in his book you can find also find stories about tribes from

the world until yesterday

Africa, Australia, South America, and Antarctica.

The author describes many aspects of life like love, danger, wars, religion, raising children, and more, comparing them to our new, modern world. It was so interesting to read and to learn about all those cultures that are so much different than ours. Some of their habits and customs would be considered funny for modern (First world -> to check with internet!!) people, some of them unbelievable and horrifying. I think it’s very important to know and understand the world around us, even if we don’t agree with its rules. The author often shows the differences in seeing the world by us and them, and what are their priorities, how they treat old people, and what is death to them. In the book you can also find the photos (at least in the version that I was lucky to read) captured by many scientists interested in the tribes as well.

I wasn’t sure if I should write something about „The world until yesterday”, because I didn’t finish it. it was the time to leave Sumber Sari and there were some chapters that I had to skip. It was a very good lesson for me anyway, the book is not made to read from cover to cover. All the parts are separate and you can choose the subject you like the most.

If you will ever see this book in a library / a bookstore / on ebay – take it. it’s really worth it.

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