Say (gouda) cheese!

As Kevin and I still live in different countries we travel A LOT. Sometimes we visit new places, but mostly we just travel to see each other. The last 2 years I spend packing and unpacking constantly, and I must say – that it is tiring, but I also enjoy it. It’s really fun to be on the way and meet new people, see new places, and try new food. Cheese, for example.

Last weekend together with Kev’s family we celebrated his grandma’s birthday (gefeliciteerd once more!). We went to most cheesy place in Holland – Gouda!

Gouda is lovely! I guess you all know what is it famous for. CHEESE! Gouda cheese is everywhere and all around. You see it in every shop, on pictures, on the market, even hanging in the air. And it’s yummy.

gouda cheese

Sky is the limit

gouda cheese

Cheese kingdom!

Yup, that's what I'm talking about!

Yup, that’s what I’m talking about!

Our plan for the birthday party was to relax and have fun together with the whole family. First we had lunch in a café right in the city center. Cheese soup (of course) made my day! Later we were just walking around and discovering Gouda. In the evening we all put some fancy clothes on and gathered in the hotel restaurant for celebration. It was so sweet and peaceful to spent some time together and just enjoy the evening!

gouda cheese

Birthday girl!

gouda cheese

All together:)

Gouda city is a really great place, with canals crossing the town, little streets hidden behind buildings and a small main square. We didn’t see so much of it, but it was enough for one afternoon.

gouda cheese

Peter Pan, never growing old

gouda cheese


gouda cheese

The sweetest little house I’ve ever seen

gouda cheese

Walking along the canals

Warning – there is one place with a very promising name “Chocolate factory”, but in real it’s a library. I was sad for all afternoon when I discovered it :(

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  1. astrid monika

    is it eyang birthday? greetings to her from familiy here.. 😀 Have a bless and a great day ever! Have fun!! :*

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