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Bali is the most famous island of Indonesia for tourists. It is located between Java and Lombok and has around 3 million habitants. The capital of Bali is Denpasar, which is the biggest and most crowded city. Not so many tourists can be found here, perhaps only at the bus station on arrival at Bali or at the immigration office for extending their VISA.

The guru praying

The guru praying

Most of the Balinese people are Hindu, which you can obviously see all around you when you visit Bali. People are making offers all day to satisfy the gods for safety, health, and wisdom. Most of the houses have an own temple situated in the North-East where the daily prayers take place.

If you are travelling from Java by ferry you will arrive at the west of Bali in Gilimanuk. This part of Bali is the most remote and contains a lot of jungle and mountains in the national park of Bali Barat (West Bali). The most famous touristic area of Bali is South-Bali where you can find Kuta, Ubud, and Uluwatu surf area. East-Bali is also attracting more and more tourists especially in the fast growing town Amed. Furthermore there is the fishing town Candi Dasa and the harbor in Padang Bai. The North of Bali has become famous due to Lovina beach where you can have a relax quiet time at the beach and watch dolphins early morning. Furthermore you can discover the great mountains and lakes in the center of Bali.

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Travelling within Bali

The cheapest option to travel through Bali is by renting a motor bike. Depending on how long you go, you can rent them for about 50.000 per day or bargain to a good price when you want to rent it for a longer time. Local and cheap prices lay around 500.000 RP per month.

Local transport by buses is also possible if you don’t want to rent a motor bike. You can take buses from the main terminals between the biggest cities such as Gilimanuk, Denpassar, and Singgaraja or you can hop in the small bus along the street. Best is to take the bus early morning around 7 o’clock because then there is many of them. Local buses are pretty cheap, around 40.000 (2015) RP from Gilimanuk to Denpassar.

From the main touristic places there also go tourist shuttle buses which is an easier option of travelling and this is done by most backpacker tourists who don’t rent motorbikes. Prices vary depending on how far you go. For instance from Padang Bai to Ubud it is 75.000 RP.

The most expansive way of travelling is by taxi or by renting a car. In this way you will pay quickly around 300.000 RP depending on how far you go.

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