East Bali

The East of Bali is very worth visiting. It consists of a couple of nice fishing villages such as Candi Dasa and Amed, the harbor of Padang Bai, some beautifull water palaces such as Tirtra Gangga and Ujung Palace, and the cold area of mount and lake Batur.

Candi Dasa and Padang Bai

In Candi Dasa you can sleep budget for around 130.000 exclusive breakfast in a not too clean hotel in the beginning of the village or you can sleep for 200.000 RP in a nice bungalow at the beach, such as Agung Bungalows. There are a couple of cafes and restaurants here such as Vincent’s where you have good steak with nice jazz music on the background. Just before Candi Dasa you can visit the oldest traditional village of Bali, Tenganan, which is about half an hour away from the town. The parking fee is 1.000 RP and they will ask for a donation (5-10.000 RP should be enough). Eastward from Candi Dasa, around 30 minutes, you will find a nice white sand beach which is also called The Virgin Beach.

Ten kilometers before Candi Dasa is Padang Bai. Here you can find a hotel for around 100.000 RP. This is a harbor and fishing village from where many people take the ferry to Lombok (45.000 RP) or elsewhere. Also many people take the speedboat from here directly to one of the Gili Islands which costs around 250.000 RP. The village has some nice restaurants (local and tourist) and cafes.

Tirtra Gangga and Ujung Palace

Tirtra Gangga and Ujung Palace are two beautiful water palaces. Ujung water palace you can visit on the way from Candi Dasa to Tirtra Gangga. The entrance fee of Ujung palace is 20.000 RP per person, and if you take the slow road along the coast you will also pass turtle bay. This route along the coast is a bit slower but very beautiful to take.
Tirtra Gangga is situated between some very nice rice fields where you can take a beautiful walk of around 1-2 hours around. You have to follow the wall of the water palace from where you will find stairs up. From here you can follow the big road all the way back to Tirtra Gangga, from where you will see beautiful large rice fields. You can alsotake a shorter road by going down a footpath a few hundred meters after you arrived on top at the right side between the houses.
In Tirtra Gangga you can sleep for 100.000 RP in Dhangin Taman Inn, which is located next to the water palace. From the cafe/restaurant you can have a great view inside the water palace. If you wake up early here you can enter for free in the water palace, but normally the entrance fee is 10.000 RP.


Amed is a fast growing fishing village. More and more tourists are discovering this place every year and you can see that along the large coast already pretty full of cafes, restaurants, and hotels. But the prices are still pretty cheap and you can find immediately in the beginning of the village a nice clean homestay called Amed Bucu Homestay for 100.000 RP per night (if you bargain a bit). Raggae Kedai is a nice cafe with live music every evening where you can drink a beer for 35.000 RP. It is very nice to stay here a couple of nights and discover the whole coastline by motorbike from which you will have beautiful views every now and then.

Mount and Lake Batur

Mount and lake Batur are worth a visit if you have time and didn’t visit the other lakes in central Bali yet. Mount Batur is the only active volcano of Bali nowadays. From Penelokan you will have a very nice panorama view from above over the lake and mountain. From here it is a couple of kilometers to the Ulun Danu Batur Temple where you will have nice views over the mountain. It is worth a visit, but there are some people around trying to be your guide or offering you sarongs. You don’t have to take any of those if you bring your own sarong. Just try to ignore the people since they will tell you you can’t enter without, but you can.
From Penelokan you can take the road down to the village Kedisan where you can find a hotel next to the lake for around 150.000 RP. From here you can start your hikes on the mount Batur early morning, you can visit the hot water springs (there are many different ones with different prices here varying from 20-150.000 RP), or bicycle around the volcano lava landscape.

Besakih Temple

The Besakih Temple is the largest temple of Bali. If you are passing this on your way it is worth a visit, but it’s not so special to change your road especially for this temple. The entrance fee for is 20.000 RP and after that when you are closer to the temple an additional donation is asked. Here they will show you a donation book of previous prices such as 750.000 RP, to make you think its normal to give a high donation. A donation of 5-10.000 RP is just fine. If you have a sarong, don’t forget to bring it else there will be lots of woman offering you to rent or buy a sarong for high prices. Also they will tell you guides are obligated but that is not the case. If the weather is clear you have great views over the Gunung Agung, the highest mountain of Bali, and also you can see all the way up to the coast and sea.

East Bali Trip

All of these places you can visit within a week (or more if you have time), spending one night everywhere. The cheapest way is by renting a motorbike for around 300.000 RP for a week. You can start your trip in Padang Bai or Candi Dasa by renting a motor bike here (these places are reachable by shuttle bus from Denpassar and Kuta for 100.000 RP). From here you can take directly the slow but beautiful road to Amed along the coast which will take around 2 hours and where you will pass Ujung water palace on the way. Or you can take the road to Ujung temple and from here go land inwards towards Tirtra Gangga. From here it takes about 1,5 hour to Amed where you can spend another night or two, after which you can take the long road along the coast towards Singaraja from where (12 km before Singaraja) you can take the road up to Mount and Lake Batur. This is a long and exhausting road of 7 hours, but very beautiful. Also on the way you will find a nice waterfall where you can make a stop. It is located half way between Amed and Singaraja (a big road sign shows where this is exactly). If you don’t like to drive so long you can go from Amed towards Besakih Temple and from here to Mount and Lake Batur, which will take both around 2-3 hours to go from place to place.




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