North Bali

North Bali is less visited by tourists than the South and East. It has a calm and warm sea and black sand beaches. Singaraja (which means ‘lion king’) is the second biggest city of Bali and is rarely visited by tourists. It is way more quiet compared to Denpasar, and if you like city life this is a nice place to stay. You can find hostels here for around 50.000 RP per night. Although most tourists stay in Lovina from where you can have snorkeling trips and see dolphins early morning.

Sleeping in North Bali

Nice quiet budget places are situated in Anturan, Lovina area. Along the street you can find a good looking hostel called Ume Sari, where you can stay for 80.000 RP per night. If you prefer to stay at the beach, Gede homestay is a good pick. This hotel costs 150.000 per night, is located right at the beach and includes breakfast. From here you can also arrange the dolphin and snorkeling trips.

What to do in North Bali


Watching dolphins early morning

Most people visit North Bali because of the dolphins that you can see in the early morning by boat. If you are good in bargaining you can get the price as low as 100.000 RP (2014) per person including dolphin seeing, snorkeling, and a small breakfast. Although most tourists pay 350.000 RP for this trip. You will wake up around 5:30 AM and leave at 6:00 AM. It is guaranteed you will see dolphins since the locals know where they appear early morning. It is a fascinating trip, especially because you will see lots of boats chasing the animals at high speed.

Another nice trip is going to Gitgit waterfall which is about 30 minutes from Lovina by car/motorbike and a climb down of around 20 minutes where you will see many tourist and tourist shops on the way down selling souvenirs.

The view from the pathway

Sekumpul Waterfalls

A less visited place are the Sekumpul waterfall. These are a couple of beautiful waterfalls located in the jungle of North Bali. It is located at about 1 hour from Lovina and from the parking place you have to walk almost another hour down to the main waterfall where you will pass some small villages in the jungle. If it is good weather and you are in for a trek you can trek around the few waterfalls and jungle for many hours here.
From the parking place there are some locals offering to be your guide for around 80.000 RP.

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