South Bali

Ubud | Canggu | The Bukit / Uluwatu Area

The south of Bali is the area where the most tourists go. For this reason some tourists, including us, don’t want to spend too long time here. Although this area is the best area for western comfort: there are luxe shops, restaurants, and hotels on every corner. The main touristic areas are Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, and the next village which is growing in popularity nowadays Canggu. All of these towns are especially popular for partying, surfing, and shopping.

Not bad, huh?

Dreamland beach, bukit area

For a bit more quiet and more beautiful place it is nice to visit ‘The Bukit’ (the hill), which is the most southern part of Bali. In this area you have lots of beautiful different beaches, popular and unpopular, most of them surrounded by cliffs. This area is also famous for its famous Uluwatu surf beach (see the Bukit / Uluwatu Area) and for the beautiful temple, Pura Luhur Uluwatu (see the Bukit / Uluwatu Area) situated on the cliffs of the most southern tip of ‘The Bukit’.

This place is just amazing

Ubud rice fields

Another famous area not at the coast is Ubud. This is said to be the artist area of Bali, because you can find many wood carving and paintings around town. Which was once a small rice field village has now become a big touristic area with lots of luxurious hotels and restaurants. It is nice for a relaxing time because you can have very nice walks or bicycle rides around town to see the rice field beauty of Bali.

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