Ubud is a very nice and touristy place to relax and calm down if you just come from Kuta area. Especially walking around Ubud’s rice fields is a nice way to enjoy Bali’s beauty. This place was once a small village but turned into a big touristic place with everything tourists needs including bars, restaurants, lots of artistic shops, and yoga classes. Although there are lots of foreigners , it is much more quiet than Kuta, and if you don’t want to party too much this might be a good place to spend your time.

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Ubud Monkey Forest

What to eat in Ubud

Inside of Ubud it is hard to find a cheap place to eat. Ubud offers a lot of nice restaurants along the Monkey forest road with all different kinds of food varying from Indonesian to Spanish to Italian. There are three nice rice field view restaurants situated on the right side of the Monkey forest street if you walk away from the Monkey forest towards the football field. The cheapest ones have main courses for between 30.000 and 40.000 RP while the more expensive one offer meals for around 100.000 RP. Most of the restaurants have wine and beers. For wine you will pay minimal 35.000 RP per glass and for a large beer around 28.000 RP.

Budget eating in Ubud

Inside the main area of Ubud you cannot find a lot of budget food. There are some warungs for tourists located inside small streets reachable from the Monkey forest road but these still have tourist prices from around 30.000 per person. From around 10 o’clock people start selling local food in front of the children school, situated opposite to the football field. This is not a full meal but you can have a nice snack here, such as cut springrolls, vegetable snacks, and tofu with peanutsauce for 5.000 RP, or a bowl of bakso with meat balls and noodles (and sometimes tofu, egg, and rice) for between 5.000 RP. From around 2 o’clock until 5 o’clock there will be a few bakso sellers walking around the Monkey forest street which you can eat on the street or take away to your hotel to eat. For a good local main meal you have to go outside the Monkey forest street where there is more local food such as sate from the street for 10.000 RP per portion. Or a good Padang restaurant, located on the a few hundred meters away from the Monkey forest street. If you exit the street going from the Monkey forest towards the football field and keep on walking on to the market, there you turn right. After a few hundred meters it is located on your right side. Here you can have a meal starting from 9.000 RP (vegetarian) until around 50.000 RP if you will take everything they got.

Where to stay in Ubud

We highly recommend to stay in the Ubud Terrace Bungalows. This place is situated a few hundred meters from the Monkey Forest. The prices start around 150.000 for a nice room which is cleaned daily and there is a nice swimming pool and breakfast included!

Trekking around ubud

The Campuan Trek (a beautiful 2 hour rice field trek)

This place is just amazing

Campuan Trek

Starting from the Monkey forest street it is a small beautiful trek through the rice fields for about 2 hours. From the Monkey Forest you walk to the end of the street where you turn left. This street you walk until you have passed all the shops and hotels. From there it is a little bit further down the road and when the corner comes there is a Ibah Luxery Villa’s on the right side. You have to enter the driveway of the hotel but before you enter the hotel area you can turn left and from there the signs are given for the way of the Trek.

This trek will lead you via a hill with a beautiful rice field view on the right and left side down of you surrounded by palm trees. After a while there will be a more flat area still surrounded by rice fields. On the way there are some places to stop for a drink or some food.

After you have passed all the rice fields you will end up on a small street, where some travel agency’s and guest houses are situated. From this point you can choose to turn back towards Ubud by the same way or follow the way and turn left to go back via the main road.

The best time to do this trek is early morning when it is not yet so hot. Be sure to take water and something to cover your head.

Monkey forest trek (around 1.5 hour)

This trek starts by trekking through the Monkey Forest (entrance 30.000 RP) entering through the main entrance and exiting through the back entrance. From there you head straight until you see a football field on your right side. After this you turn right, again right, and immediately left into a small street. From there the trek goes on through the rice fields and you can follow the trek until you will be back in the centre of Ubud.


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