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Budget Transport within Indonesia

Within Java

Jakarta to Yogyakarta

We used the train to travel between Jakarta and Yogyakarta which is the most fast and comfortable way of travelling between these cities (and also the cheapest). Nowadays all trains have AC and if you have more money to spend you can also travel executive class which offers more place and comfortable seats. The standard economic class has quite comfortable seats with a maximum of 3 persons next to each other and 3 in front of you. If you travel between Tuesday and Thursday the chance will be bigger that the seats next to you are empty, so you will have more space for yourself. Pillows can be purchased on board for 5.000 RP to make the trip more comfortable for yourself. Food and drinks are also offered on the way. For a plate with rice plus a small side dish you will have to pay 15.000 RP and for a pop-mie 6.000 RP. A cheaper and more delicious way is to purchase food before boarding in a local warung.

On the website: you can find the latest fares. First check by yourself the internet for the best fares by comparing dates and the different stops of Jakarta and Yogyakarta before purchasing the ticket. The tickets can be found (and booked) online and can be paid in many shops around such as alfamart and indomaret. The cheapest stops that we found are from Jakarta Kota to Yogyakarta Lempuyangan. The cheapest price in 2015 is 55.000 RP inclusive booking costs. The train trip will take around 9 hours.

Transport within Jakarta

For transport within Jakarta see: transport within Jakarta.

Angkot in Jakarta

Angkot in Jakarta

Java to Bali

Yogyakarta (or any other place in Java) to Bali

Travelling by train, boat, and bus is the cheapest way to travel from Java to Bali. We travelled from Yogyakarta to Bali using this way. The cheapest train tickets from Yogyakarta can be found on by comparing different dates and different stops from where you are leaving to Banyuwangi. You have to choose the Banyuwangibaru station which is closest to the boats (this can be more than 10 km closer than the other stations) and cheapest. If you are going from Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Lempuyangan station is the cheapest option which costs in 2015 55.000 RP inclusive booking costs. The train trip will take around 14 hours from Yogyakarta Lempuyangan to Banyuwangibaru. Pillows can be purchased on board for 5.000 RP to make the trip more comfortable for yourself. Food and drinks are also offered on the way. For a plate with rice plus a small side dish you will have to pay 15.000 RP and for a pop-mie 6.000 RP. A cheaper and more delicious way is to purchase food (nasi bungkus = take a way packet of rice with sauce, vegetables and meat/fish) before boarding in a local warung.

From Banyuwangibaru station it is a few hundred meters walking to the boat. If you don’t know the direction, just follow the people or ask someone since most people from Banyuwangibaru station are going to Bali. Boats are heading around every hour 24/7 to Gilimanuk, Bali. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office while entering the harbour. The price anno 2015 is 8.000 RP per person. The trip will take maximum 1 hour.

After the boat trip you can take a bus from Gilimanuk to the place you want to stay. During the day plenty of busses are ready for departure when leaving the boat. Also during the night busses are heading to many directions (this may be just private people offering small busses for around 10-20 people). Also before entering the boat in Java, there may be already people offering you a ride to the place they are heading. Price, depending on where you are heading, should be between 20.000 and 50.000 rp. If you arrive in the night, bargaining may be necessary for this.

If you have more money to spend and want to have a one way trip without any arrangements on the way, you can purchase a bus ticket in Yogyakarta These busses cost between 250.000 and 300.000 RP including 2 meals and can be purchased at the Giwangan bus station in Yogyakarta.

Within Bali

If you stay overnight in Gilimanuk you can take a local bus in the morning which heads to the Denpassar Ubung bus station. This trip costs around 40.000 RP (you will have to bargain with the bus driver a bit) and takes around 4 hours. From here you can take a bemo (small bus) or taxi to the place you want to go. It might be smart to go to a touristy place such as Kuta from where you can rent a motorbike. If you are travelling for about a month within Bali, you can bargain the motorbike price up to 500.000 RP per month. But if you travel just for a few days it can cost between 30 and 50.000 RP per day (or even higher if you don’t bargain).

Retro transport in Bali

Retro transport in Bali

If you don’t like travelling by motorbike you can go from place to place with tourist shuttle busses of which the price depends on where you are going, but it is approximately 100.000 RP for a 2 hour trip. Taxi’s will ask 300.000 or more for a similar trip.

For more information about travelling in Bali see

From Bali to Lombok

The main harbour in Bali is Padang Bai. Here you can find the ferry or fast boat to Lombok. Speed boats directly go to the Gili Islands from here and charge around 300.000 RP per person. But you can go there also the slow way if you have time by buying a full packet of 125.000 RP which includes the ferry, luxe transport to senggigi where you can stay overnight or longer, and further local transport north whenever you want to the Bangsal harbour from where you can take a public boat to one of the Gili Islands. All the transport is included in the price so it is quiet a fair deal. If you want to do it by yourself you can take the ferry from Padang Bai to the Lembar harbour in Lombok which cost 45.000 RP. Here there are always people waiting to offer tourists transport or you can take a local bus to where ever you want. It will probably be a bit cheaper, but you will have to bargain everywhere on the way. If you buy the ticket from Lembar to Gili yourself it will cost you 10-15.000 RP depending on the island you are heading to.

From Lombok to Flores

In one of the tourist offices in Senggigi you will get the cheapest price for going to Flores. You can bargain up to 400.000 RP here and this includes all the transport from Senggigi to Labuhan Bajo in Flores and includes one dinner on the way. First you will be brought to the main bus station in Mataram from where you will go to the Labuhan Lombok harbour in the east of Lombok by a luxe AC bus. The bus will go inside the ferry to Sumbawa and all the way on to Bima. From here you will have to change to a local bus which is waiting there for you and brings you to the eastern harbour of Sumbawa, Sape. From here you get into the ferry which will takes 8 hours to get to Labuhan Bajo in Flores. In total this trip will take maximum 30 hours inclusive waiting for the busses and ferries every now and then. This seems long but because of the many changes of transport it goes quiet fast.
You should bring some water for yourself on the way and perhaps some snacks. On the harbours you can buy some local food if you are hungry.

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