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Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and has around 10 million inhabitants inside the city but including the suburbs the number of people grows up to 25 million. This huge metropolis is the largest of south-east Asia and consist of the richest lives and buildings you can imagine but at the other side also the poorest people collecting garbage and living in the slums.

Although Jakarta may appear as a bad place to stay at first, there are plenty of ways to keep you entertained for a longer period of time. Beside the delicious food and gigantic shopping malls inside Jakarta, the city has plenty of other entertainment to offer. There is a great nightlife with lots of clubs and bars for all budgets and ages. Also for a cultural visit you can spend many days in Jakarta, since there are a lot of different museums and cinemas situated all around the city. All of these places are easily reached with the public transport or by taxi
If you plan to stay longer, it is worth to take a one day trip to one of the many different places that are situated around Jakarta.

Jakarta's daily traffic jam

Jakarta’s daily traffic jam

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