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In Jakarta there are many good places for a party. In the south of Jakarta there is the area called Kemang, which is filled with clubs, foreign restaurants, cafés, and bars. Some worth to mention are the Murphy’s Irish Pub, the Beer Garden, and Joglo Beer. In the first one there is a live band playing every night, except for the days when there is an important football match playing. The atmosphere is very good here, with lots of people dancing especially in the weekends and visitors mixed of foreigners and locals. The Beer Garden Is a nice café just to relax. This café is almost always busy also on week-days. Half of the café is inside and the other half is outside, giving you a feeling that you are sitting in a garden. You can order large beers up to 1 L glasses or 1 meter beer taps. Joglo Beer is a small, relax café, good for hanging out with a couple of friends, and also the staff is very friendly here.

Another popular area, especially among Jakarta tourists, is Jalan Jaksa. This is one street in the center of Jakarta filled with bars and cafés. It is busy throughout the week, with peaks in the weekend.

Dj at club Coloseum

Dj at club Colosseum

In the north of Jakarta, in the Jakarta Kota area, is an exclusive club called Colosseum. This club has the best lightning in Jakarta and has a very exclusive style. People are all drinking Johnny Walker’s Black Label, there are dancers on the stage, there are European DJ’s playing, and people hand you tissues in the toilet after washing your hand. If would like to experience a luxurious party evening this is the place to go.

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