Inside Jakarta

Inside Jakarta you can take a break from the crowd or escape the heat in many different ways. There is plenty of different food, huge shopping malls, a zoo you have to walk through for 3 days to see everything, and a whole area located next to the sea filled with entertainment ranging from an attraction park to a sunset boat trip. The city also has plenty of cultural visits to offer and a lot of clubs and bars spread over different areas throughout the city.

Food and shopping malls

Es campur

Es campur

Jakarta offers the most variety of food you can imagine. You can find a warung (eating place on the street) around every corner, where often a lot of them are located next to each other offering all different kinds of delicious foods and drinks. This is the cheapest way of going out for a nice lunch or dinner, with prices ranging from 10.000 RP till 30.000 RP. For instance Bakso (a traditional Indonesian meatball soup with noodles) costs around 10.000 – 15.000, which you can eat for instance at ‘Bakso Titoti’, the best of Jakarta! Or es campur, a local drink / ice cream with fruit and vegetable jellies which you can find for around 8.000 RP.
But also for a luxurious dinner, from Chinese to Italian, Jakarta is the place where you can find it all. Enter one of the giant shopping malls which Jakarta is rich of and you will find all the varieties of foods from around the world.

Three of the biggest shopping malls of the world are situated in Jakarta (Taman Anggrek Mall, Artha Gading Mall, and Grand Indonesia), where you can find all the boutiques, electronics, and everything else you can imagine. All of these malls are provided with AC, which is a good way to escape the heat of Jakarta for a moment. But there are dozens more huge shopping malls in Jakarta. Such as the Pondok Indah mall, which consist of 3 different parts connected with AC walking paths over the street filled with stores and also has a large outdoor swimming pool. The entrance for a day swimming and sliding is 50.000 RP in a weekday and 75.000 RP in the weekend per person.
La Piazza is one of the smaller malls, but it has a huge outdoor area in the middle where you can eat lots of different foods including African. Here you can also have a nice Saturday evening for a good dinner, followed by a coffee and ice cream as a dessert, and perhaps a beer outside or in one of the bars supported by live music.

The Ragunun Zoo (kebun binatang)

ragunan zoo monkey

Orangutan in Ragunan Zoo

The Ragunan zoo is a very nice place inside Jakarta to relax. This zoo is so huge that you can never see it all in one day. Most of the different kind of animals, which you can find in European zoo’s, are in this zoo. But most of them are outside and have plenty of space. It is a very nice place to go for a walk since there is as good as no traffic inside the zoo plus there is lots of green around. The entrance fee to the Ragunan zoo is only 4.000 RP per person, so it is worth to go here more than once to see all the places. Inside the zoo is a small (relatively small compared to the huge zoo) monkey park called Schmutzer, where you can find all kinds of monkeys from around the world. Only in this place you can spend a few hours already. The entrance fee for the Schmutzer is 6.000 RP per person.

The Ragunan Zoo is located in the south of Jakarta and can be reached with ankot s15a (the price will vary between 2.500 RP and 5.000 RP depending on where you get in) or with the Transjakarta (3.500 RP).


Another place to relax ,especially during work-days, is in Ancol where you find the Ancol Dreamland attraction park. Inside here you can find the sea, an attraction park, a water park, sea life, and a cableway over the whole park. From the sea you can take boat trips, enjoying the sunset or just to enjoy the water for a moment. This will cost you around 100.000 RP, but can be more expansive or cheaper depending on how big your accompany is and how good your bargaining skills are. The cableway is a good way to start your trip if you want to spend all day here, which takes you all over the park showing you all the things it has. The price for the cable way in Ancol is 30.000 RP per person.

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