Transport in Jakarta

There are many different ways of transport in Jakarta. If you have are not travelling on budget it is easiest to use the taxi. Bluebird is the most reliable taxi in Jakarta, the other companies could drive you kilometres the wrong way around if you don’t know the way. A taxi trip will cost you around 150.000 RP from the airport to the center for instance or about 25.000 RP for a ride of 30 minutes in the traffic jam from place to place.

There are three ways you can travel cheap through Jakarta. This can be done by Angkot, by Bus, or by Transjakarta.

Angkot in Jakarta

Angkot in Jakarta

Angkots are hop-on small vans driving through all of Jakarta in all directions. You will have to ask locals or the driver which number you should take for the place you want to reach. You can get on this bus simply by putting your hand up beside the road and you can jump off anywhere you like (just say stop or kiri). The fare for the angkot will be between 2.500 RP and 5.000 RP depending on how far you travel with it (best is to ask some local before you enter the angkot about the price so the driver won’t charge you more than locals).

Buses work similar as angkots in Jakarta. You can get on and off most buses wherever you like and they cost mostly around 3.000 RP for a bus without AC and 6.000 RP for an AC bus.

The Transjakarta is probably the best way to travel if you need to travel a bigger distance through Jakarta. They are very good since they have their own road, thus avoiding the traffic jams. The price of the Transjakarta is 3.500 RP but at some places, especially in the center, you need a special card to enter.

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