Inside Jogja

Jalan Malioboro

The main street in Yogyakarta is the Jalan Malioboro. Here you will find many becaks (bicycle taxi’s) that can show you around town for as less as 15.000 RP for a trip of 30 minutes. The street is also famous for the lots of shops and people selling all kind of batik products such as clothes, penholders, and notebooks. Bargaining is needed on the street but in the shops are fixed prices. If you want to cool down for a moment there is a shopping mall about half way on the left of the street. After this shopping mall, also on the left side, there is a market selling also all kinds of clothes and other cheap stuff.

Eating, drinking, sleeping (Jalan Sosrowijayan)

For eating, drinking, and sleeping around the malioboro street you can go to the adjacent street Jalan Sosrowijayan. This street is located in the beginning on the right side of the Malioboro street. Here you can find cheap sleeping places for as cheap as 70.000 RP per night. Also you can eat here very cheap in the street warungs, for instance 10 sticks of sate with rice for 10.000 RP. Other warungs sell plates with nasi with vegetables, meats, and sauce for between 7.000 RP and 15.000 RP per plate. Also western food you can find in the Jalan Sosrowijayan. There are plenty of restaurants selling pizza and pasta’s such as the Bladok restaurant situated near the end on the right side of the street.
In Jalan Sosrowijayan you can also find many nice bars. In the end of the street on the left corner there is the Lucifer bar, who have Live music every night and where you can buy a large beer for 35.000 RP. Another nice bar is Oxyn Free. This is situated immediately in the beginning of Jalan Sosrowijayan on the right side. In this café you are sitting outside below the stars and you can have a drink here or a dinner. Also a nice place to gather is the shop (which was formerly cirkle K) half way on the left side of the street. Here often people sit in front of the shop drinking beer or coffee.

Another nice street to eat is the Jalan Kaliurang. Here you will find lots of traditional warungs selling all kind of Indonesian and Malaysian foods. In the beginning of this street on the right and left side there are many warungs next to each other just located on the street. Later on you will find cheap local restaurants where you can eat for around 15.000 RP per person.

Kraton Palace + Taman Sari

The Kraton Palace was the former house of the old sultan of Yogyakarta. It was built in 1790 and facing the Merapi volcano. The entrance fee for the Kraton palace is around 15.000 RP plus an additional fee of 1.000 RP for bringing a camera. Guides can be hired at the entrance and might be a good choice if you want to learn more about the history of this place. The palace is mostly only opened in the morning, and on Saturdays and Sundays it closes already before 11:00 O’clock.

After the Kraton you can visit the Taman Sari, which lays a few hundred meters south of the Kraton. This beautifull water castle was built by the sultan to relax near the palace. There are lots of ancient pools and arches, and there is some underground passage which connects the places. This place named Taman Sari literally means beautifull Garden. The entrance fee for the Taman Sari is 12.000 RP for tourist and locals.

One of the pools of Taman Sari

One of the pools of Taman Sari

Both of these places are situated on the southern end of the Jalan Malioboro.

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