Trips around Jogja


On a one hour trip from the center of Jogja you will find the Borobudur. This is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and definitely worth a trip if you stay in Yogyakarta. Be sure to bring something to cover your head because it can be very hot in the afternoon. If you don’t, there will be plenty of people there renting umbrella’s for 5.000 RP or selling hats.

Stupas of Borobudur

Stupas of Borobudur

Once arrived, you can walk to the temple and see around or you can climb it spiritually how the pilgrims used to do this. They enter the temple via the east-side of the temple and circle clockwise around every floor. Altogether these floors take up to 5 kilometre. The different floors represent different states which you need to pass to reach Nirvana, which is represented by the top.

The entrance fee for foreigners for the Borobudur is now 240.000 RP per adult and 120.000 RP for students, inclusive Sarong.

If you travel by yourself by motorbike you just have to follow the way up north towards Magelang. Just before Magelang, about 45 minutes from Jogja, you have to turn left. The Borobudur will also appear on the road signs at this time, so you hardly can’t miss it.

Parangtritis beach

About one hour south of Yogyakarta there is the Parangtritis beach. This is a very nice place to visit if you like the sea and the beach. The waves are not too rough and it is nice to swim here.

Sunset at Parantritis

Sunset at Parantritis

If you want to take a seat on one of the seats offered by the locals covered with parasol, be sure to negotiate about the price first before you sit. Also you won’t find many, perhaps none, tourists in this beach. The beach is mostly visited by locals, of which many would like to take a photo with you to show at home.

There is no entrance fee for the beach, only for the entering the area of Parantritis you have to pay about 5.000 RP on the road.

The Merapi volcano

One hour north of Jogja following the Kaliurang road, you will find the Gunung Merapi (Merapi Vulcano). This volcano is still very active and has last erupted in 2010 causing 30 dead. Climbing this mountain will take you about 3 hours to the summit from where you can see a beautifull sunset. At the base of the mountain you can park your car or motorbike for which they will charge you 2.000 RP. Here you will find many warungs to eat or drink before or after trekking. Monkeys are accompanying you in this place.

The base of Gunung Merapi

The base of Gunung Merapi

The entrance fee for climbing the Gunung Merapi or Merapi Volcano for locals is 5.500 RP and for foreigners 150.000 RP

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