Travelling is not only about discovering new places

Travelling is not only about discovering new places, trying exotic food, or learning about far-away cultures. It’s mostly about the people that you meet. Sometimes it takes a long journey to meet some of your future best friends. It was just the two of us on our journey to Asia, but we met many wonderful people on the way. With some of them we spent only a few days, with others a few weeks. It was a really great thing to see that somewhere out there is a person who makes you laugh till your belly hurts, someone you can talk to about everything, or someone who is the best companion in admiring the nature. It’s been months since we are back in Europe, and every now and then I like to watch photos from our adventures and think about the best moments with our friends. I would like to thank you all guys for making our trip unforgettable and special!

With those two girls (and also their friends and a whole family) we had a great time in Jakarta. It’s a huuuge city, but thanks to Rosa and Astrid we didn’t get lost – now we know the best spots in town:D!

rosa and astrid

I miss those crazy guys!


Kev’s family

Thank you Eka and Mirko for having us under your roof for all those days in Jogja, and for showing us the very yummiest places to eat, eat, eat! (plus they had the sweetiest little kittens, I was playing with them for hours!)

eka and mirko

Eka and Mirko :) (stolen from facebook, I don’t know how is that possible, but we don’t have any photo together!)

Anita shared her cookies with us (check her Miss Cookie website!) and together we spent some nice time just swimming in the pool, gossiping about everything, and just having fun!

with anita and andrei

Hi Anita, hi Andrei!

With Desna and his parents we spent some little time in the beginning of our Bali adventure. Later we met again in Jogja. Thanksssss Desna for showing us the nicest spots in town!

desna and papa

With Desna and his father:)

Ibu Sri and her family, Pak Nate, and Pak Jim were our best friends during our 2 weeks volunteer work in the East Bali. We became a big happy family almost immediately and because of them we had the most wonderful time! It´s pretty amazing how easily you can become friends with someone, even without speaking the same language.


Our Sumber Sari friends!

with pak jim and pak nate

Fish dinner with Pak Jim and Pak Nate:)

ibu sri

Ibu Sri:)

Juliawan and his parents made us feel like we belong to their family. We could experience how it is to be a Hindu for one day and we had the opportunity to discover a bit cold and rainy (at that time hehe) Bangli.

wayan family 2

Hindu ceremony

wayan family

With Wayan family in Bali:)

Maarten is our good friend from Kevin’s hometown and when he came to Bali we literally turned into Three Musketeers for almost two weeks. We drove a lot (my butt still hasn’t forgiven me for that), we saw a lot, we laughed A LOT. I had a really great time with the guys and I can’t hold on a smile when I think back about those days.


Bali with Maarten!:D

maarten 2


Chloë , Koen, Jerome, Melissa, Yannick and Raphaël made the best dream team for getting to the top of the Rinjani Mountain (yup, 3726 meters guys!). Trust me, you really need a good companionship in this kind of a trip. We were mostly cold, wet, tired, cold again, and hungry. But also super happy and satisfied!

mountain group


mountain boys

On the top of the world!

Mira, Andy and their parents took care of us in Malaysia and showed us the real local life (and the best local food!).We felt very comfortable and welcome in their house, they were perfect hosts!


Kev and Andy:)


Our Malaysian family:)

Phillipe was a French traveler and a free spirit. We met him on the border of Laos, where he was worried that he lost his wallet, and I suggested that he should check his pockets (yes, laugh now, but guess what was in the pocket… a wallet? Hehe). Phillipe, of course, found his wallet and we found a good friend.

Then there was the slow boat experience in Laos. We sat in our seats and next to us were two young boys. ‘Hey guys!’ they said ‘We have some Lao whiskey, it was only one dollar! HEHEHE’. By then we knew we would like each other. On the first night we had a romantic dinner together (it was Valentine’s Day <3) and since then we were almost all the time together. Well, not all the time, but quite often, and I started to think they were just stalking us. Who were they? Stefan and Etienne of course! We hanged out a lot in Vang Vieng, met once in Luang Prabang and had a huge road trip through Vietnam later. Guys, seriously, we had the best time together! I miss our coffee stops every 15 minutes, partying like crazy (oh, those free Lao drinks…), and just having fun.

stefan and etienne

Hey guys!

And now, last but not least, our Vietnamese family – Maizey and Jess! We met in the very last city in Laos. It was like 40 degrees, I was tired, sweaty, hungry, and hot and Maizey appeared in front of me. ‘Hi! Do you know any nice hotel here?’ she asked with the cutest smile. I was in a killing mood by then, so my answer was as nice of course “NO” (and my face was kind of like that :////). The next morning we went with Kev to the bus stop, excited about going to Vietnam. Unfortunately, M and J were also there, almost 1000 hours later (or too late). The only place left was 1cm from Kev’s legs, somewhere between 3 big bags and an alife chicken in the corner. We spend 8 hours unable to move, stuck to each other with our sweaty bodies and trying not to murder each other. But you know what they say, third time’s a charm, and on another day we met again, in another bus and then the love began. It was truly a love at third sight. We crossed all Vietnam together (well, we had our bikes and those lazy girls took buses, but the destination place was always the same) and we became really great friends. They are those kind of people, with whom you can play ‘I spy with my little eye’ for 3 hours and you don’t get bored. Or you lie on the beach not talking and you don’t get bored. After a sad goodbye in Saigon we made thousands promises to visit each other in Europe, so now I’m counting days on my calendar till they get back to England from Australia. Yup, we’re coming for five o’clock tea, ladies!


We are still waiting for those chickas to come back to Europe!


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