Are you a real traveler if you don’t really travel?

This post is a bit different than the ones before. It is not about a trip anywhere or any travel, because to be honest, am I a real traveler? Are you a real traveler if you don’t really travel?


That’s something I was thinking about lately. A lot. There have been some changes in my life recently and for a few months I’m going to live with my parents and travel there and back to Krakow for my classes. I quit my job, moved out from the room that I was renting, and came back to Zabrze. I try to find myself in this old-new place, but so far I think I really like it. I continue my study, I write my bachelor thesis, and I do many different things. But I don’t travel.

Since last November I haven’t been anywhere outside Poland. This last time in November I went to Holland to visit Kefje on his birthday, and I really, really loved it, but I couldn’t get any more free time to go there again (well, I just came back from Holland hyhy, this text is a few weeks old, but shhh…;)).

Those last months were quite intense with many things happening and my last school year, on which I have to focus, but as a result the traveling part of my life has stopped. I still buy old ‘Traveler’ magazines and plan where to go next, I imagine which countries would be the coolest of all, and I think about my future more in a ‘travel’ kind of way. But it’s all just in my head. Can I still say I’m a traveler girl, if I don’t do that?


Is there a list of things somebody has to achieve or places to cross out of the list to finally become a traveler and adventurer? Before I was 17 years old I hadn’t been anywhere outside my own country and it was okay for me, I didn’t feel any need to discover more of the world. Maybe someday I wanted to visit some hot and exotic country like Egypt or Turkey (super popular holiday destinations in Poland), but only to sit all day by the swimming pool and enjoy all-inclusive kind of holiday, with nice food and free ice-creams. Then I went for a small trip to Paris, I spend Christmas with friends in Helsinki, I visited Barcelona and Prague, but still it wasn’t so huge and meaningful in my life. The changing point was meeting one of my best friends, Natalia. She has traveling in her soul, that’s amazing how her eyes sparkle when she talks about the places she visited. When I met her I started to think that maybe it’s something worth to try on a bigger scale. Few months later I met Kev, and that was another big kick in my life. All the stories he told me, all the places he’s been to – it was too great not to try on my own. I thought it would be quite cool to go somewhere and have a little adventure. I didn’t have to wait long for that, because a few months after I met Kevin he somehow managed to make me go from Poland to Croatia. Yup, that’s correct. There is already one post about this trip, 2 more waiting to be posted. Anyway, my first little adventure turned out to be a bit bigger than I thought and then I was done. Totally in love with it. I wanted to see more, discover more, and make traveling the way I live my life. During my second year at university we had a few trips with Kev and his family, and it was amazing. A year after our bicycle adventure came time for even bigger shizzle – going to Asia for half a year. Although I had some hard times there and I was getting tired sometimes, it was the most amazing time in my life. I knew I had to keep going like this, it had given me the kicks.

Except a few great trips we made last summer, like another bicycle ride (this time only 160km there and back, a 2-day trip to Belgium) or visiting some Dutch cities I haven’t been to before, I don’t travel so much now. But I still consider myself as a ‘traveler girl’. I think that what’s in your mind and in your heart is a reflection of who you really are. I don’t have to move around to feel moving, going on.


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