Did we quit travelling?

Nope, not at all. Although I’m back in Poland and Kev is in Holland, the spirit is still on!
I moved back to Krakow where I have to finish the last year (yey!) at my University. I was a bit worried about it – I couldn’t imagine coming back after a whole year would be easy. And in fact, it wasn’t.

When I just moved back to Krakow, I found out that my studies are no longer there (hehe). What does this mean? Well, I took my break as a second-year student of International Management. I returned to my third year, but there wasn’t any subject called International Management. I wasn’t aware that my group was the last one doing those studies, so I had to switch to some other field of management. So, now I do my ‘international’ part with another students, who have similar program, I also joined yet another group for Italian, and (of course) another different group for English classes. Yesssss, that’s quite a lot of stress for me to deal with, meeting so many new people and getting into the ‘study mode’ again.
Right now I’m already used to that. I have my routine, I’m working at my old job, and I’m happy to be back with all my friends who also live in Krakow.


The main square in Krakow :)

krakow park 2

This park goes around the Old City and is one of the most beautiful places ever during autumn

When it comes to travelling, it slowed down a bit now. Well, before my school year had started, we went with Kevin for a small trip to see the polish sea and visit a few cities. It was pretty awesome, but it definitely wasn’t a big journey. I guess this year I will focus more on school and just visit Kev every now and then (actually, I will be in Holland in 2,5 weeks hehe:D), but other trips have to wait till I get my diploma.

krakow 3


It doesn’t mean that ‘Us on the way’ will have to wait also! I still have loooooots of stories to share with all of you, and yes, I will be posting them:D!

krakow park

Love this place

Stay tuned and aware, cause Marysia is back!
Big kisses!

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