How is it to spend important holidays on the way?

When you travel a lot and for a long time, usually you can’t adapt your schedule with many important events that happen back home. You skip birthdays, your friends’ graduations, more birthdays, and holidays. Yup, Christmas and Easter aren’t cosy and family days anymore, they are just another days far away from your home, your parents, and everyone close to you. Sometimes it can be nice, sometimes it just sucks. How is it to spend important holidays on the way?

Well, it is okay. I mean, it is your decision, you are aware of that since the beginning of your trip and everyone else also know you are not going to be there. You are making your dreams come true and sometimes it has some extra costs. During our trip to Asia we celebrated Christmas and Easter together with Kev, faaaar away from our families, but it went really well. I had a tiny moment of ‘ahh, I’m a bit sad’, but it wasn’t really heartbreaking. We still had each other and that also helped a lot.

christmas on the way

It wasn’t my first time away from home in the holiday time. A few years ago I spent Christmas in Helsinki, together with my mum’s friend, her daughter and son-in-law. I remember it was a great experience, I had so much fun, and even if I was missing my parents, I still enjoyed it. I felt the family atmosphere there, I loved those people and I felt really comfy at their place. And they had a sauna and a Jacuzzi, soooo, come on, you ALL would enjoy it:D (kidding guys, Marysiu and Jukka, if you read it – it was awesome:))

Another time I spent Christmas with Kev’s family, which was amaaaaazing and beautiful, but still not at my home, with my parents, and my family tradition. At this time though, I already felt loved and like a family member at Kevin’s place, so actually I was home, with family. It was such a great time and I enjoyed every single moment of it.

Of course, it’s all different for different people. I’m not super religious, so this aspect is not a problem for me at all. I am also aware that I made some choices, which brought me to the place where I am now. Also, each time I was always surrounded by people that I love and I felt pretty much the same from them, so the closeness was there as well. In Asia, I was with my Keffie, on a beautiful beach, with great dinner in front of me, in the middle of living my dream, so I couldn’t complain:D

Last Christmas I spent at home, with my parents, while Kevin was in Holland, with his parents. And guess what – I had what I wanted for 2 years in a row, but I missed Kev like hell:D so there you go, there is no situation that would satisfy you 100%.

I’m pretty sure there will be lots of important stuff going on here when I will be somewhere there, but I guess as long as I’m happy and fulfilled in my life, that’s oke. There are going to be plenty more things I would participate in, so I will keep the balance!

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