Day on the beach, Parangtritis

Right now we are on the train to Bali (I write in the notebook on my knee, very comfortable heh) and I have a lot of time to think what I liked in Jogja. Borobudur (of course), reggae night in Lucifer (cool music!), Eka and Mirko’s hospitality (thank you so much guys!), and the beach.

In Indonesia you don’t count the distance in kilometres, you say how long it takes to get there on a motorbike. To the closest beach in Jogja, Parangtritis, it is about 1 hour driving – so not that bad. After a disappointing trip to the bus station (300 000 rp for a ticket to Bali, crazy bastards), we went to grab some lunch and see the sea. On the way we ate the best and the cheapest mie ayam in Jogja (a small warung on the street, sooo good!).

The sea in this place is too dangerous to swim, although it’s a great place for surfers, so we just sat and relaxed on the sand. Black sand.


Black beach

It was close to the sunset so we waited until it got darker and darker. Kids were playing in the small waves, some people were riding horses, and some were just looking around.


Kids on the beach


Kev and I were the only tourists there, so of course we had a small photoshoot with locals (foto, foto, mister!)


Hey, miss, FOOOOTOOOOO!!!

It was so great to rest a moment, far away from the city and traffic, just lazy hours in the breeze.






Sunset vol 2


I can’t wait for the Balinese beaches 😀

Kiss M & K

3 thoughts on “Day on the beach, Parangtritis

  1. Wiratmi Driehuis

    Are you in Bali now? Do you remmeber our adres in Bali Kevin? If your want to visit us, i will give you the adres. Enjoy Bali! !!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Wayan, we really enjoy Bali but I don’t remember the adres.. Are you in Bali also now? I will send an e-mail about the adres. Greetings Kevin and Marysia

  2. Wiratmi Driehuis

    Hier is our adres in Bangli. Bapak I Ketut Damai. Jalan Nusantara 19 Kubu Bangli. Heb je email adres voor mij dan geef ik je ht telefoon nummer thuis in Bali. Groetjes wayan

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