They see me rollin…

I can’t say that I’ve ever been a traveller type. Well, I wanted to be, but I felt I don’t have this kind of spirit. When I was younger I visited a few places in Europe, and that was really great, but I couldn’t call myself an ‘adventure seeker’. On the other hand, this trip to Asia wasn’t the first big trip that I did with Kevin. A year before we travelled for a month from Poland to Croatia. On the bikes. Yup, that’s right – we bicycled there.

Not so long time after we met with Kev, we were wondering what should we do during summer holiday. Kevin said “We can go to Croatia on bicycles, hehe” and that’s how it started:D Well, actually it started in a plane from Holland to Poland, where Kevin saw an article about Plitvicke Jezera, a beautiful National Park in Croatia. He immediately decided he wanted to see it one day, one thing led to another, and we ended up going there on bikes.

HOW ON EARTH DID WE DO THAT? I have no idea.

I remember I got my first bike when I was 8 years old, drove it for 2 years, and that was it. After that I had some accidental bike trips, but I’m pretty sure it was less than 5 times. The next time when I was sitting on a bike was in Holland and I still can remember Kevin and Indy, laughing at me, because, well, I looked like an idiot. And after that I did over 1000 km, going through the mountains, with 15kg backpack on my back.

First of all, we needed some bikes. It was supposed to be a cheap trip, so we looked for second-hand bicycles and after a few days of research we became proud owners of two mountain bikes. Then, I thought I need to get more in shape, so I bought a 2-week pass for fitness and started to work out. It didn’t really help a lot, but at least I got rid of a picture of myself, lying dead somewhere in the wild, with a bike nearby. Kevin bought a backpack, a tent, some little set for cooking and we were ready to go! We decided that we would start our trip in Krakow and slowly go towards Slovakia and further. On the last night before the trip we went to bed excited and happy, waiting for a big adventure.

On the next morning it was pouring with rain. Really, it looked like there was an open shower in the sky. Our faces looked like this :( and we didn’t know what to do. I mean – yes, it was a big day, but I didn’t want to start our journey through the wall of water. So we took a train to Zakopane and postponed the start a little bit. Once again, we were going to bed full of excitement what would happen the next day, and guess what..

bikes in the train

Our bikes and their friends on the train to Zakopane:D

On the next day we started our trip:D



This photo shows that I have no idea what’s waiting for me…

This little dot in the picture is me PUSHING THE BIKE. Yes, I was already tired :D

This little dot in the picture is me PUSHING THE BIKE. Yes, I was already tired :D

It was one of the best adventures in my life and I will share the whole story with you in the next post. Stay tuned!

crazy house zakopane

A traditional polish house (hehehs)


Let’s start the adventure!

They see me rollin… they waitin’! For the next part:D!

Big hugs,


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